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6 Real Estate Digital Marketing Tips To Increase Sales In 2022

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More than 93% of home buyers use online websites when searching for a home to buy in 2018. This number has grown many times since then, and with the real estate landscape becoming increasingly competitive, digital marketing is a great way to reach out. Your target audience will get more leads and sales.

Having a good digital marketing plan ensures that realtors are able to generate leads, build a reliable database that they know and trust, and ultimately grow sales through focused efforts and follow-up techniques.

If you are struggling to navigate the real estate digital marketing space, this article should help. We’ll take you through some of the most tried and tested real estate digital marketing strategies that will help you get more clients online in 2022. Not only that but we’ve also included templates and tutorials to help you get started right away.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Tip # 1: Build Responsive Websites to Drive Changes

A good real estate website helps build a robust database of real leads, drives high conversions through high rankings on search engines, and is optimized for viewing on many devices and platforms.

As for the content on the website, it should answer your potential customer’s pain points. Answering questions such as what kind of home you are looking for in finding customers, the benefits you provide to other realtors and making it easy to connect with all the differences you can make. When creating your website, there are some factors that you may want to focus more on:

1. Integrate an IDX search tool or platform such as Zillow on your page

Search tools are one of the most important parts of any real estate website because they help people find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Adding an IDX tool to your site is a great way to achieve this.

IDX integrates real estate listings from more than one listing service (MLS) and displays them on your web site, allowing shoppers to easily find and search properties on your site. What makes IDX so great is that the database is super-comprehensive and the listings are updated every few hours. You can also use integrations from platforms like Zillow or Trulia that include IDX as well as freelancers on their platforms. If you live outside the US or Canada, you can also check out Zoopla (UK), and Magic Burks (India).

2. Special listings

Visitors are coming to your website to see the properties or properties, and you want them to be as easy as possible while highlighting your unique point in space. Adding a listing of specific hot properties or the most relevant ones right on top can help you get there.

Here is an example of a list of exhibits from Columbus Histarch Homes showing off their USP – exquisite and cozy single-family homes.Example of special listings from Columbus Histarch Homes. Most website development software come with features within CMS to create listings, but you can always go ahead and use plugins to get the same results or work with a professional developer to design a website for you. for the.

3. Client testimonials

Another thing you want to focus on is providing testimonials from past customers who have purchased from you. It helps build confidence and helps you come up with an option in the field. Again, Columbus Homes does a great job of highlighting their expertise and bringing them together as a Real Estate Authority in their area with minimal but effective client testimonials on the homepage.

5.Website navigation and responsiveness

Not having a responsive and easily navigable website can cause users to close your website, and your costs and sales. You want to have a mobile-first approach. Google also prefers responsive sites in their search indexing, which means that you are likely to rank higher than those that are not designed for mobile devices.

Some other ways to improve your website’s user experience include improving page load times, ensuring that your website’s design is best adapted to the small tablet and phone screen sizes. If you are using any pop ups on your site you are not blocking anything important. You can add Brad Crumbs to help you navigate. Your site with a single click at the top of your page. This is what a bread crumb looks like.

For example, take a look at this website, No Bedrooms by Ellie, a realtor. The website is dedicated to helping renters and buyers find. The perfect studio apartment, and to ensure efficiency. They have the most important links at the top of the home page – both for mobile and desktop. And it makes navigation super easy on all platforms by exploring the features of their new home.

5. Ensure high quality pictures and videos

Homes with 20 feet or more sell 2x faster as they understand the potential of how buyers look and feel. Exchanges with videos are even more so. Photos and videos are also helpful in attracting customers to your properties in the first place. Kim Spears’ website lists luxury properties, and makes full use of the aerial views of those properties, and professionally photographed from the right angles are taken in the right light to create a sense of luxury. For which they stand home.

To create the best images and videos for your website. The best idea is to work with professional photographers and video photographers to get the best product possible. You can get one shot for each separate property and use pictures on your website and social media.If you are especially focused on doing real estate videos, check out this Real Estate Marketing page to learn how In Video can enhance your video marketing efforts by making your video in just a few minutes.

6. Add CTAs to the website

One or two call-to-action clicks to your site will direct users to the next step. CTAs are important for reminding customers to act and reinforce. Their decisions while driving sign ups can also help. You build more of your database and data that can be nurtured using email marketing. We will talk about this in the next point.

Remember, CTAs should not always be sold; You can use them to sign up for your newsletter, stay in touch, or connect with you on social media. Make sure you can easily show them and click wherever they are placed. Take a look at the CTA on Redfin’s website to get an idea of ​​what a good one looks like:

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