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Article  Marketing  is not yet fully exploited in the Brazilian biosphere, but it has great power. It’s the best and cheapest way to boost your blog in searches. It is worth starting to use it to achieve and/or increase with quality the two bases of a good blog: visitor index and SEO. Learn more about this new technique and a little about the repercussions it has already generated in the blogosphere, as well as (as always!) tips on how to get started in Article Marketing. Take advantage of the shot, because it is currently on the rise! This technique has emerged as one of the most effective that a webmaster can use within the wide range of digital marketing tactics .

Anyone who works with the internet knows that content is the raw material for building a good strategy, in this case, a strategy for  marketing with the help of articles.  For example, when reading the email or simply looking for information content becomes the priority. Hence the importance of writing articles that originate with value for existing customers and potential customers?


There are two main ways to do Marketing through articles:

  • Through guest posts
  • By submitting texts to directories

About guest posts, everyone already knows: posts on other, more popular blogs. This is fine, too, but the freedom you have in article submission directories is enormous.

In these places, you usually have the option to add (generally, up to 3 specific keywords linking to some page of yours. Thus, you can very easily climb positions in Google for such keywords, if you want to optimize them with quality, because has full mastery of the anchor text that composes them.

An example: you create a new niche blog, in English, based on the keyword “skincare”. You put this word in the title of your blog and in several points of the texts, but even with some links pointing to your blog, you can’t reach the top of the searches for this keyword.

So, the best way to achieve your goal will certainly be to produce some articles with links pointing to your blog with the keyword “skincare”. Thus, Google will know that your blog has some relevance within this subject. And you can go on doing several articles following this metric, until you reach the top. In some situations you may only need 1 or 2 articles, and in others, much more. But this effort is certainly worth it, especially if you know the subject you are writing about.

Another way to promote your work in this way is with an author biography, which is usually found below your articles. You can put a link to your own blog, to boost your promotion and still gain some relevance within the subject you write about.


Now, see the main situations where you can use Article Marketing:

  • When you need to reach the top for a certain keyword in an article on your blog.
  • When you created a specific niche blog for a long tail keyword and you are almost at the top.
  • If your blog is relatively new and you want to gain some relevance quickly.

In addition, Article Marketing is also applicable in many other situations.

Generally, people don’t start in article marketing out of sheer laziness or lack of time, as in my case. But for sure, when things cool down around here, I’ll be creating several niche blogs and submitting articles to various directories. In addition, I want to send some simple texts in Portuguese directories, to reach the top of some searches.

You can do the same, whenever you want!


  • Try to make texts with a very high quality.
  • Aim for specific pages on your blog that are near the top of searches.
  • You can also point to your blog homepage whenever you can.
  • Properly follow the rules of the directory where you are submitting your ARTICLE MARKETING .
  • Be careful with the Links system in certain directories: some don’t even give Follow Links and others only when the article gets an X number of recognition, like Hubpages.
  • Submit articles on the same topic to multiple directories, but never identical articles, let alone identical ones you published on your own blog. Make some changes, otherwise you will have all your work lost because of the duplicate content you are submitting. For this, you can manually rewrite or get to know a little more about the Spun Articles technique, which I intend to discuss here later.
  • Outline a link building strategy for each article you create to increase the relevance of such pages pointing to your blog.
  • For starters, you can take some ready-made articles from your blog and make some slight adaptations. It only takes 15 minutes and is well worth it.

Finally,  article marketing , if done with good quality writing and having a keyword database, is the best way to rank your blog content in search engines.

These, to be published on third party sites have links that point to your blog, and help you get better position in search results. Writing is not easy, much less if it is an article to promote products. However, it is a task that, if done well, will have the expected and appropriate results for the business.

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