Best Low-Maintenance Outdoor Plants

Best Low-Maintenance Outdoor Plants

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Keeping Your Garden Alive
Even in the most temperate climates, there can be impediments to healthy gardening. For example, in Florida, the problem will be too much water for some flora. In Arizona, you’re dealing with the exact opposite issue. In this writing, we’ll explore plants for the garden that are known to be hardy, and require minimal maintenance.


Caladium has a tropical “flavor” to it if you will. It’s got huge leaves that are beautiful and tinged in red. They’re shaped like fat arrowheads. And you’ll find a variety of coloration. That defines them. Beyond red. Pink .And white leaves are often common.

The four colors of caladium are green, red, pink, and white; you’ll find different amounts of each depending on each plant. Some varieties of caladium are more of one color than another.

This plant can be left in the ground during all seasons, though some horticulturalists recommend carefully digging it up and keeping it somewhere cool and safe during winter. Once you get a couple of caladium plants going, they will likely weather the temperature changes where you are well enough—unless you’re in a very extreme region.

Oakleaf Hydrangea

This is a shade-surviving option. If you’ve got some empty deep shade areas, Oakleaf Hydrangea will work. This plant will flourish beneath big pine trees or under your deck. It has bold leaves with delightful textures, and flowers shaped like a cone.

For a lot of yards, Oakleaf Hydrangea does much to enhance curb appeal. They’ll also bloom well into the summer; even a bit beyond in a good climate.


Blue agave cactus is the plant from which tequila is derived. You can also get some syrup from it, but if you’re planting it in your yard, this likely isn’t your purpose. Basically, this is a desert cactus that can grow up tall and gorgeous. It flourishes in bright areas that are dry, and have little water, which is a big reason this particular plant is so popular in Arizona.

If where you live often sees droughts, agave is a fine choice. This cactus will retain its healthy appearance, and in a pinch, it has some nutritional value. It’s classified as a low-water succulent, and you can plant it in non-arid climates if you like as well. It’s an excellent indoor plant, but this writing is about low-maintenance options for your external garden.

Making the deal even more desirable is the variety in which agave succulents are available. They come in different colors, and some have two-tone leaves. You might find agave plants that have leaves bordered in yellow with lush green centers.

Keeping Your Garden Gorgeous With a Minimum of Effort

Agave, Oakleaf Hydrangea, and caladium are excellent low-maintenance outdoor plants for your garden. If you’re looking to enhance curb appeal without giving yourself a challenge you can’t meet, these plants are a good option.

Here’s a link with some more plants that grow easy, and can be maintained by relative novices over the long-term. Remember: your region will in part dictate which plants will ultimately work in your garden, so understand your environment.

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