Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers and Motorcyclists – Why Bikes Matter!

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A motorcycle accident has injured you or someone you love. You need some legal advice and a fighter to deal with your motorcycle accident and insurance representatives.

We’re not your average lawyers – we’re bikers ourselves. We got it and we’ve got you covered!

You probably have some concerns about dealing with these big insurance companies and most likely you or your family have some fear around the financial implications of your accident. The good news is that we know how to win these battles so you can focus on recovery – you already have enough stress.

We have over 70+ years of combined experience in motorcycle injury law and this is one of the driving passions behind the creation of our Chicago law firm.

We have seen with our personal friends, neighbors and clients that destruction can be caused by an accident, a difficult recovery, or a failed restoration. Watch some of our firm’s founder, Mark Shaman’s, personal story in the video below and why he decided to become a Chicago personal injury attorney.

We do not charge any upfront fees

Here at Shaman Legal we are 100% client focused. We are immediately invested in each case and will not pay until we win your case. This means we will fight to get you the highest possible settlement and make sure you get the immediate financial help you need to take care of yourself and your family. We live, work and ride in the same communities you do. We are dedicated to the area, we know the law and will do everything to help you throughout your life.

A motorcycle accident is not like any other type of accident

We have over 35 years of experience representing motorcycle accident victims and have a deep understanding of Illinois law. Having this expertise available to you is important from the moment you dial our number. If you have questions, we are happy to answer them without pressuring you to become a client.

Why Your Motorcycle Accident Needs a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Crazy fact – if you are injured in a motorcycle accident in Chicago you are 6 times more likely to need an orthopedic consultation than any other driver of any other vehicle in the city or state! It is also very likely that your injuries will be more complex than is commonly seen in other car accident injuries.

Injuries that cannot be seen with the naked eye can wreak havoc in your later years. An orthopedic consultation is much more expensive than a non-specialist consultation and the goal of insurance is mostly to save their company money – not to treat you in the best way.

Hidden trauma needs to be diagnosed and treated

Unfortunately, most of these injuries go unnoticed because of our body’s ability to handle long-term trauma. So when admitting these injuries, insurance companies fight over whether it must have happened in the accident vs. after the accident was determined.

Getting a proper medical evaluation immediately after the accident or as soon as possible is really important to check for these hidden injuries. This is the first thing we do to help our motorcycle accident clients if it hasn’t already been done.

Our attorneys in Chicago will fight tirelessly with your insurance to get you the right specialist or expert to consult on your injuries so that you get the best possible care and chance of recovery.

We talk to hospitals and doctors to lower your bills

Part of the services our Chicago law firm offers to our clients is that we fight tirelessly to lower your hospital bills as well as your doctor bills. Most injury motorcyclists receive exorbitant medical bills that either go over the edge of your insurance or you have to pay a lot of out-of-pocket expenses. Our team of negotiators will work to lower your bills so that you retain the higher settlement that you have been granted. We want you back on the road and on your bike as soon as possible.

Biker prejudice is real

We know for a fact that many people have negative preconceived notions about bicycles. People make decisions first and ask questions later. This bias follows us into the hospital when talking to doctors, when working with the insurance company, when getting the details of the police report so you can be prepared if your case goes to court. We know how to deal with that bias and make sure it doesn’t hurt your case. We will fight for you and your rights.

Why choose us as your Chicago personal injury attorney?

Our company is Motorcycle Safety Advocates ®. In the motorcycle community, we work tirelessly to keep motorcyclists safe before they ever get into an accident. From losing loved ones to the devastation of a motorcycle accident, we do everything we can to make sure bikes are safe.

Motorcycle Safety Advocates ® care about motorcyclists. Our team members have been personally affected by motorcycle accidents. That’s why we do everything we can to help motorcyclists stay safe. We want to keep you safe. However, if the worst happens, we’re here to fight to make sure you get. What you need to recover as well as get the maximum settlement possible.

Our Chicago personal injury attorneys have specialized knowledge and understanding of how unique accidents and injuries are to motorcyclists. We designed our Chicago law firm with this particular focus in mind. We have an advantage over other companies because we are riders ourselves. With loved ones who we have seen fail to survive motorcycle accident injuries and we know first hand. The trauma of the families they suffer. Dealing with financial and medical needs.

We’ve learned how to break through the bureaucratic wall and insurance agencies try to save themselves some money.

With a track record of winning cases, we know how to fight and win. Call us today for a no-cost consultation and let’s create a plan to take care of your life. So you can recover properly and get back on the open road we know you love. is the! We know how to fight and win your case and have the track record to prove it. Call us today for a no-cost consultation and let’s create a plan to take care of your life. So you can properly recover and get back on the open road we know you love. is the!

You can consult with us for free about your injury case. And we will clearly explain your legal options to you.
Because the decision is always yours, we will never pressure you.

In order to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected properly. We will provide a free review of your insurance coverage. Insurance is not something we sell. We only get paid or compensated if we WIN for you. If we represent you, you will have no upfront fees or any expenses. We will not be satisfied until you receive full compensation, benefits, and justice for your accident or insurance dispute in the Greater Chicago land area.

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