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Email Marketing for Local Digital Marketing

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 Email Marketing

With the near penetration of social media across the fabric of our society, the talk regarding email marketing has been the same. From early social media platforms such as MySpace and Facebook to new channels like Instagram, there has been a clear evolution in the social media space. The email has strangely been the same, its governing principles still intact from the early days it came along and became the most revolutionary application of the internet.

Email marketing has consistently been called a key component of a typical digital marketing campaign. Despite the perception it has of being an archaic part of marketing, its propensity to perform and deliver results on par with the most expensive social media campaign make it an indispensable digital marketing technique.

Even to this day, most digital marketing courses espouse the importance of email marketing and how it can be implemented in a campaign. Whether we consider a digital marketing course in Delhi or an online training module, email marketing is taught as being a significant part of digital marketing. 

In relation to local digital marketing and facets unique to it alone, email marketing fits in perfectly. An effective and cheap way to reach dedicated customers, email marketing makes it easier for local businesses to remain in touch with their customers. 

In this article, we will discuss some ways email marketing can be used to optimize a local digital marketing campaign. 

Imbibe Content Marketing Principles 

Content marketing explicitly states the importance of creating content for the end reader and not for the sake of higher search rankings. The principle is truer for email marketing than any other form of digital marketing.

In the inbox of a potential customer, there are SEO factors which have to be considered. Marketers who can write the perfect content which engages with the reader on a profound level while also explaining the product or service being offered always succeed with email marketing. 

Some things to remember while writing content for an email marketing campaign are listed below:

  • Avoid being to too advertorial with the content. People tend to appreciate a brand which takes the time to write a well-framed write-up to convert a prospect to. A customer. Becoming too sales-oriented with the content can lead to a brand ticking a customer off or worse even resulting in. The email being sent to spam. 
  • Frame the content keeping in mind the general behaviour of the target audience. For instance, email copy written for an audience with an average age of 50 would differ greatly from content written. For a millennial audience. 
  •  Keep the length of the email optimal. If the content written is engaging and enjoyable, the length of the email can be a bit longer in order. To let a reader to enjoy reading and form a more visceral connection with the brand. In other cases, the content can be short and crisp while fulfilling its purposes. 

Manage Email Frequency 

Getting sent to the spam folder is the worst thing that can happen to an email marketing push. Email service providers tend to categorize email senders who are repeatedly added to spam by users.

To avoid being regarded as spam, email marketers have to manage their email sending frequency. After initial phase of experimenting, email marketers should come up with the right frequency to send emails to different segments. Of prospective customers. 

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