Guide to Digital Marketing Strategies and Benefits for Real Estate

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Any business’ growth depends on digital marketing. Now, due to the onset of COVID19, it has gained even more importance. According to Statistic, e-commerce sales are now expected to reach $6.5 billion by 2020. Digital marketing has spread its reach into almost every business and real estate is no exception.

Digital Marketing for Realtors

While it is true that investors make a final decision only after physically visiting the property, the online process influences their behavior directly or indirectly. According to the National Association of Realtors, 74% of home buyers will use the Internet as part of their home search. People who seek help from agents to select a property will also use the Internet to search for their home.

Taking your real estate business online helps you see your prospects where they are. Before taking them on a visit you can help them take a virtual tour of your property to help them make an informed decision. Also, it saves a lot of time that you would otherwise invest in paperwork by sorting through all the formalities on an online portal. Real estate agents have adapted to technological advancements and about 84% of them will have a social media profile to promote themselves.

The benefits of digital marketing for the real estate industry

1. Better visibility

With digital marketing, realtors can be exposed to a wider audience that is appropriate for their business. Depending on various factors such as cost, size, location, etc., realtors can find the desired audience group online who may not be able to contact you in the absence of an agent.

2. Cost-optimized approach

Getting your business online doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, it’s a matter of economics. Advertising and promotion media are relatively cheaper than traditional media. Add to that a wider audience perspective, better retention, two-way communication and more.

3. Reporting and Analysis

While the performance of traditional media can hardly be tracked, for digital marketing, it is the opposite. Everything in the digital ecosystem is traceable. Realtors can understand the performance of their digital efforts and make informed decisions and even make improvements.

4. Better customer relationship

With various digital technologies like automated replies in your absence, chatbots, reduced paperwork, better transparency, etc., realtors can enhance the relationship with their customers. It reduces considerable time and effort compared to offline sources.

5. Strong online presence

Building an online presence is considered the best way to build a brand. With the help of digital marketing, realtors build their brand with relatively less effort and time. This gives them an edge over their competitors in a field as wide as real estate with a credible and strong online presence.

The Real Estate Industry’s Digital Marketing Strategies

1. SEO-friendly content

Making your content SEO friendly can do wonders when it comes to growing your digital marketing presence. Be it your website, social media, sales pages, landing pages, blogs, etc., in which you actively participate. Keeping it SEO friendly increases your chances of gaining visibility and ranking better in Google searches.

2. Social media presence

You can increase your online presence by using social media. According to the National Association of Realtors, approximately 77% of Realtors use social media in some way to engage with their audience. With social media, you can provide personalized experiences to your target audience by interacting with them where they spend most of their time.

3. Online Advertising

With online advertising, realtors can display ads to the right audience at the right time. They also choose who to target ads to and when to do so. Online advertising boosts ROI and engagement with the target group as it ensures a customized and seamless experience.

4. Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is the centerpiece of any marketing strategy and Realtors should emphasize its use. Your subscribers are your audience, and your job is to engage them with meaningful and useful content. Many people still do not prioritize email marketing strategies, however, this is the first thing you should do.

5. Leverage automation

As a realtor, you may not have time to respond to your clients or prospects immediately, automation makes your job easier and better. Be it auto-responders you set up on your website or chatbots, it definitely helps your clients feel important when you respond to their messages or questions quickly.


Digital marketing for real estate is undoubtedly important and beneficial in many ways, however, to be successful in it, you must understand your audience and strategize accordingly. Although the strategies described here are general and can be applied by anyone, they can have unexpected results if not followed properly. Educate yourself, if not well, at least enough to perform some basic activities. You can also contact ZKraft to help you with custom projects that are best for your business and your audience.

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