How are bamboo sheets beneficial for everyday use?

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Today, you can find an individual dealing with lung or skin problems in every one of three households. Thanks to the dramatically changing environment and pollutants present indoors and outdoors. Bamboo fabric has become very popular recently; it is widely used to produce numerous commercially available silky soft products such as sheets, pillowcases, duvets, towels, crib bedding, and clothing. For dust-sensitive individuals, whether it is because of skin allergy or asthma, the evolution of bamboo sheets is a milestone in providing healthy living and sleeping.

Bamboo-based fabric is a luxurious fabric that is often compared to silk for its sheen and softness. Because of the sensual feel, one question that usually pop-ups into people’s minds is: “Is bambo fabric made from bamboo? Well, the answer is here! The fabric itself is not bamboo; the soft bamboo fabric used in bambo clothing and bedding is viscose rayon (called rayon). However, the rayon fiber is made from bamboo and is called bamboo rayon or rayon from bambo. Most bamboo textiles are created through chemically intense processes that alter and purify the cellulose from the bamboo.

Here are five incredible benefits of sheets made from bamboo; continue reading.

An affordable alternative to silk

When you hear the word ‘bamboo’, the only thing that might have come to your mind is the long/hard shoots of tropical greenery used for manufacturing furniture. Can you imagine that a smooth, lightweight fabric can also be derived from bamboo? Yes, it is true! The bamboo-based fabric has a satin-smooth feel; it is a luxurious-looking fabric that is ultra-soft and gentle on the skin, perfectly breathable and comfortable like no other material.

Temperature regulation capabilities

One of the essential characteristics of bamboo textiles is that they possess excellent temperature regulating capabilities. That means the sheets made from this fabric can keep you cool in summer and warm during winter. Two critical features that regulate bambo fabric temperature are breath ability and moisture-winking capability. This fabric has micro gaps in the fibres, allowing the steady flow of air and ventilation, making it breathable. Plus, it pulls heat and moisture away from your skin and aids your body’s natural temperature regulation mechanism.

Highly durable

Even though bambo-based sheets are super soft and lightweight, they are highly durable. It is said that the longer the fibre, the more robust and smoother its fabric will be. This is because the long fibres can be stretched for the entire sheet length while the short fibres are interwoven together; hence are less likely to tear than traditional cotton and other synthetic materials. Besides this, bambo fabric is nonabsorbent, which does not allow oil secretion from the skin to get absorbed and results in yellow and grey spots and defacement over time.

Naturally hypoallergenic

Bambo is a naturally hypoallergenic material as it is not treated with pesticides and fungicides and does not hold onto dour. Neither does it absorb moisture which is often caused by germs, dust miles, mould and fungi growth. Plus, bambo has unique anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agents that help prevent the growth the bacteria and microbes in the fabric. That means you can have a sound sleep over bambo-made sheets without having to fight the sniffles.

Eco-friendly option

Bamboo grows quicker than any other plant in the world. This means that cutting bambo and using it for textile will not cause problems related to deforestation that can last for years. Moreover, no pesticides or fungicides are used in the production of bambo. This altogether makes bambo-made fabric the most Eco-friendly option to have.


So if you haven’t put sleep products like bamboo sheets on your bed yet, get them now. They are the most luxurious bedding choice available today and offer many benefits. Plus, they are machine washable, and their soft silky feel is enhanced with each wash.

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