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How Many Days Until Halloween

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When is Halloween 2021? How many days until Halloween Halloween is considered one of the most beautiful occasions celebrated by a large percentage of people around the world, as there is no doubt that holidays and occasions of all kinds occupy an important place, especially for children, as they take advantage of Halloween as an opportunity to engage in popular activities. For them, among these occasions is what is known as Halloween, which everyone is waiting to know when Halloween 2021 , and whose celebration often appears in the scenes of Western movies and series. We dedicated this article to the Laban website in order to answer the question of when is Halloween 2021, as there are many people wondering how long is left for Halloween, and then we mention other information regarding this celebration.

What is Halloween?

What is Halloween? The term Halloween refers to one of the holidays celebrated by the Western world on the night of the 31st of October every year. How many days until Halloween,  Halloween is basically a celebration for Christian saints, but thanks to the control of the Western media, the celebration of it has become completely different, and it includes exchanging sweets and wearing disguise, and sometimes some people, especially religious people, prefer to fast from eating anything that contains meat on the eve of Halloween. And in this article, we will talk about Halloween 2021, as there is not much left for it.

The meaning of the word Halloween

The Meaning of the  word Halloween is a perversion of the phrase “Halloween Evening”; That is, the night before All Saints’ Day in the Catholic Christian community. This holiday is celebrated on the first of November every year, and  How many days until Halloween , thus Halloween becomes celebrated on October 31 of every year. Since this holiday is mainly a pagan holiday, Christianity, after its emergence, prohibited its celebration, but with the passage of time and throughout history, religious and pagan holidays became mixed among the people.

Halloween story

As for the story of Halloween , many movies and dramas have been written about Halloween. Westerners believe that spirits return on the eve of this night, and therefore they disguise themselves so that evil spirits do not recognize them and cause them harm. There are other funny stories shared by children

Which is that the person who does not give them sweets when they knock on his door, Days Until Halloween the evil spirits will anger him and cause them inconvenience and problems throughout the year because he caused the sadness of these children. In fact, popular Halloween stories  abound and sometimes differ from one country to another. How many days until Halloween? But in general this day is invested, and we talked about how much is left for the Halloween story, as it is for recreation and fun and boosting the economy.

Is Halloween forbidden?

What the West calls Halloween is one of the feasts of the polytheists, How many days until Halloween and it is not permissible for a Muslim to participate in it, just as buying a strange costume for children to participate in the celebration on this day, and wearing it indicates participation in the festival of Is Halloween forbidden? as long as this child wore a strange costume for this holiday, and no He knows that one of the respected scholars has permitted participation in such polytheistic feasts.

How long until Halloween

In light of the question of how long until Halloween, the celebration of Halloween is approximately three days from the day,how many days until Halloween and it is often celebrated in all its forms on the eve of Halloween, not during the day, so it is called the eve of Halloween. As it is on the date of Halloween 2021 , the markets, especially the candy markets, are witnessing great commercial activity on Halloween Eve, as well as with this year. As for how much is left until Halloween 2021, it is almost three days from today.

Ruling on celebrating Halloween in Islam

As for the ruling on celebrating Halloween in Islam , Halloween is based on beliefs that contradict the beliefs of Muslims, so some of the sheikhs went to prohibit it and to raise the child to ignore it, especially if the child lives in Western countries. How many days until Halloween Halloween  Muslims celebrate twice a year, one of them is Eid AL-Fit and the other is Eid AL-Ada, and both of these two celebrations or feasts carry enough joy to make the Muslim child suffice with them and not others, especially if he knows the historical, moral and religious value of these two celebrations.

When is the date of Halloween in Saudi Arabia

When does Halloween come in Saudi Arabia ? Halloween is rarely celebrated, whether in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or in any other Arab or Middle Eastern country, When is the date of Halloween in Saudi Arabia but in general it is quite a person and anyone who wants to experience the celebration can do it on the last night of October and it is preferable to arrange with family and friends, because most of the manifestations of Halloween Halloween is a social ritual performed by more than one person. See also: When does pregnancy appear after conception,how many days until Halloween

Halloween History

It has its roots in Ireland and goes back to the establishment of the Celtic Festival in Samantha. And it happened that the date of Halloween comes with the celebration of Christians’ Day of All Saints Day.How many days until Halloween Today is considered a global celebration that official departments in Western and other countries close their doors to celebrate it. Activities accompanying Halloween History  include trick-or-theaters, dress up and masks, and tell stories about ghost tours at night. And it offers televisions, cinemas and some horror movies.

America’s Halloween Celebration

In the United States of America’s Halloween Celebration, Americans of different cultures and religions celebrate Halloween, and the common people decorate homes and streets with decorative and illuminated pumpkins and scary and parody games.

Everyone, old and young, disguises themselves so that the evil spirits do not know them. The legend says that all spirits return on this night from the isthmus to the earth and prevail and ripple until the next morning.Days Until Halloween  Children move from house to house with bags and baskets filled with chocolate and sweets in a ritual known as trick-or-treat, and whoever does not give disguised children chocolate and caramel “the evil spirits are angry with him.”

And Hollywood did not delay this, as it produced dozens of films about Halloween, How many days until Halloween including horror films, black comedies, in addition to cartoons for children. Toys and sweets factories and shops are also active, as the Halloween event achieves commercial activity and an increase in production.

Why did the pumpkin become a symbol of Halloween?

In the nineteenth century, during what was known as the Irish Potato Famine, 700,000 immigrants arrived in America, bringing with them their customs, including the celebration of a holiday called (Halloween, How many days until Halloween, or Jack’s Lamp), as some call it.

In their country, the Irish used to make this torch or lamp from turnip, potato or beetroot, and light it with a torch of coal or wax in honor of the souls of the dead loved ones, and it was placed on windows. Days Until Halloween  balconies or thresholds for two reasons, the first: to welcome those spirits who come to visit their loved ones in The feast or to expel goblins and wandering evil spirits.

But turnips, beets and potatoes were not available in America, so they were replaced by pumpkin or pumpkin because it is a suitable and abundant alternative.Days Until Halloween why did the pumpkin become a symbol of Halloween? They found that it was better and larger, and from that day the celebration of Halloween became associated with its main symbol (pumpkin) all over the world.

Is it permissible to celebrate Halloween?

Is it permissible to celebrate Halloween, which is one of the holidays and occasions celebrated by the West in general and Christians in particular, and it is one of the holidays that is spreading rapidly and gaining great popularity all over the world, including among Muslims, from celebrating it without knowing the ruling on celebrating Halloween, so people get ready with the approach of Its date, and in this article the reference site will inform us of the ruling on celebrating Halloween, whether Halloween is a religious holiday, How many days until Halloween and many details about it, such as its origin, origin, and manifestations of celebration in it.

Celebrating Halloween is forbidden and forbidden in Islam, according to scholarly consensus. Because it is one of the festivals of the polytheists, and it is not permissible for Muslims to celebrate what the polytheists and non-Muslims invented, so whoever imitates them and follows them has a sin. on him. Clothes or sweets to celebrate, not even for your children. If you wear any clothing similar to what the Christians wear on this day, then this is evidence of your participation in the celebration, and it was reported from Al-Qaddafi Au Al-Maharishi Al-Hassan bin Man sour Al-Hainan who said: Who bought. Something on this holiday that he does not buy for someone else or give it to him as a gift. Days Until Halloween  so if he wanted to worship today, as the infidels worship him, then he did not believe, and had it not been for his veneration, they would have been hated with great revulsion due to their resemblance to the infidels. Paganism and Christianity, and in it there is more tradition than the Sharia, and a belief in the return of souls, and through it children get used to begging, and it terrifies children and adults, and therefore everything. It contains void and it is not permissible for a Muslim to participate in it.[2]

Is Halloween a pagan holiday?

After answering whether Halloween is allowed, it will be clarified whether Halloween is a pagan holiday. How many days until Halloween In fact, the history of this holiday dates back to the Celtic culture more than two thousand years ago. Is Halloween a pagan holiday? and the Celts celebrated the New Year, the end of summer and the advent of winter, and they believe that the barrier between the world of the living and the world of the living dead weakens on this night, as the souls of the dead return to Earth, causing damage and problems Crops are ruined, Days Until Halloween with their presence predicting the future, fairy costumes etc, that’s why this party was modified before that. And he changed in the United States, as he is a pagan and a polytheist, God forbid.[1]

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