How To Choose Headphones For Sports: 6 Rules

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We talk about the main features of exercise headphones that will come in handy when playing sports – when you jump a lot, sweat, dive in water, and listen to dynamic music.

Choose in-air models

Unlike earbuds (like the first AirPods), it has silicone ear pads that firmly fix the ears. In addition, they have open ears and do not sweat. And in this, they compete favorably with top or full-size models that completely cover the ears. They usually come with different sizes of ear pads so you can adjust the fit.

In-ear models include the EDIFIER X5, a fully wireless headphone with IP55 water resistance. You can’t swim in them, but they can handle jogging and training in the gym.

Wireless – much more convenient

The cable gets tangled and prevents movement. So, look for completely wireless TWS models or neck options. The former gives complete freedom of action, while the latter is more difficult to lose: if they fall, they will be with the cable.

There is such a cable, for example, in the Sony WI-SP510 – a wireless model with splash and sweat protection according to the IPX5 standard. And if you want true wireless earbuds, check out our guide to choosing a TWS model.

Consider additional fixation

To keep the headphones from falling out of your ears at all, look for models with behind-the-ear bars that go around the ear or hooks that act as spacers. Both elements won’t hold even the most resistant earbuds in your ears.

For example, DIGMA TWS-06 has thick ears. The earphones fit snugly over the ears, and they have physical buttons that control volume and playback, but the body of the device is not waterproof. Therefore, this model is not suitable for very sweaty exercise or exercise in the rain.

Better with water protection

The level of protection against water indicates the second number in the IP class. Numbers are ranked according to their level of protection. For indoor use, models with IPX4 and above are suitable. Showering or swimming in the pool are both possible with IPX7. The maximum value is 8.

It happens that headphones have many features at the same time. For example, the Sony WF-SP900 are IPX5 and IPX8: that is, they can withstand water jets and immersion up to a depth of 2 meters for no more than 30 minutes.

Noise cancellation is not always good

In the hall, by activating the active noise reduction, you can completely forget yourself listening to the playlist. But while jogging, it is dangerous to ignore the surrounding sounds. There is one way: turn off the noise reduction or choose a model with a transparent mode, when the headphones record wide sounds using the microphone and play them along with the music.

Of all the headphones we’ve tested so far, the AirPods Pro have the best transparent mode — it sounds so realistic, it’s like the headphones aren’t in your ears.

Always connected to a microphone

To avoid interrupting your workout with an incoming call and without reaching for your phone, choose a model with a microphone and answer calls using the headset. Be sure to look for a microphone in wired models, and in the case of wireless headphones, it is installed by default.

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