How to choose the right vibrating screen in 2022

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The sand of the mechanism is a small particle formed through a series of processes. In the production process, a vibrating screen is required for classification. Therefore, it is very important to select a suitable vibrating screen. The selection of sieve types is described below:

  1. Product dimensions

According to the rules of the machine sand industry, the common sizes of machine sand equipment screens are 5mm, 2.36mm, 1.2mm and 0.6mm. Some mortars have fine fineness, 0.3 mm, 0.15 mm and 0.075 mm. Generally, circular vibrating screens can be selected for more than 2mm; linear screens can be selected for less than 2 mm; if it is a mortar, a suitable dehydration screen can be selected.

  1. Capacity

Artificial sand production is produced by a sand production line, which requires the vibrating screen to be adapted to the production line and the processing capacity of the production line. Generally, the screen mesh of the vibrating screen is rectangular, and the screen area can be customized according to the customer screening output requirements to meet the production line output demand.

  1. The duration of the screen

The raw materials of machined sand are generally various types of stone materials, with a high specific weight and high abrasion resistance, so the screen must have a long service life. The vibrating screen frame should choose a more durable steel grid, and according to the user’s production needs, use a thicker and more wear-resistant high-rigidity steel screen.

  1. Environmental protection

Traditional machined sand production is often accompanied by dust, noise and wastewater pollution problems. The vibrating screen can be equipped with a soft connection at the inlet and outlet to reduce dust pollution during the feeding and discharging process.

Vibrating screen is a necessary machine in the sand production line. Selecting a suitable vibrating screen can effectively improve the production efficiency of the sand production line.

How to choose a circular vibrating screen that suits you?

In our lives, there is such a phenomenon that customers are prone to fall into price misunderstanding when choosing commodities. In fact, when we go shopping, it is important to choose the raw materials that suit us. The same goes for the mining machinery industry. For a circular vibrating screen, you should first understand what material you are sieving, then select a screen that meets our screening needs based on the particle size of the screening material, so that you can purchase a suitable vibrating screen through the reasonable suggestions provided. from the manufacturer of the circular vibrating screen. sub-equipment. When customers use the vibrating screen, they often encounter these and other problems. Summarize the following points and the corresponding solutions:

Circular Vibrating Screen

If the circular vibrating screen cannot be started or the amplitude is too small, you must first consider the electrical barrier, damage to the motor or damage to the circuit components or insufficient voltage. There are no problems in these three aspects, and therefore mechanically check and shield. If the material on the surface has accumulated too much, if so, remove it. If the coupling bolt on the exciter has fallen out and the grease has thickened and agglomerated, at this time, the exciter can be cleaned and repaired, then the weight block on the eccentric shaft can be adjusted.

Material on the screen surface

The flow of material on the screen surface is abnormal. First, the rigidity of the display box is insufficient. The second is that the horizontal level of the display box is not accurate. Find the defect from the support foot spring support seat or from the spring itself. You can replace the spring or pad or change the size of the stand, which can also be caused by damage to the surface mesh of the screen. Just replace the screen mesh. Power. If the stiffness of the display box is always insufficient and the horizontal level is not accurate. The beam will be broken and the material flow will be abnormal if it is still running. There may also be an improper operation, that is, unbalanced nutrition is also one of the reasons.

Particles in the sieved material increase

The quality of the screening is not good, the reason may be that the mesh is blocked. The fine particles in the sieved material increase and the humidity increases. So that the layer of material on the sieve is too thick and the feeding is uneven , etc. The screen on the machine may also not be tightly pulled on both sides. If the shaft vibrates eccentrically, it is possible that the belt is weak in driving and the belt is too loose. When the mechanical problem is resolved, reverse rotation over a period of time can be used to improve screening. quality.

The rotation of the vibrating screen slows down and the bearing is hot, which means that routine maintenance has not kept up and the bearing is running out of grease. If it is newly added grease, it is a problem with the quality of the grease or it is too full, and the bottom oil causes the bearing to block the labyrinth seal. The quality of the grease is very important since it seals the plug. Excessive noise can be due to bearing damage, loose bolts, beam fracture and spring damage. With the exception of the bolts that can be tightened, the other three conditions require parts to be replaced.

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