How to Style Sneakers for a Chic Look

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Is there a woman alive who doesn’t love shoes? But as well as high heels and boots, every woman needs a few good pairs of sneakers.

But what sneakers style should you adopt? And how can you make styling sneakers part of your everyday fashion wardrobe?  In this guide, we’ll show how styling sneakers for a chic look in no time at all is great.

Choose the Right Type of Sneaker for the Occasion

When it comes to sneaker style, there are thousands of options. But whether you’re looking for a pair to wear with jeans or a skirt, you’ll want to choose the right type of sneaker for the occasion.

For instance, the Yeezy 350 Boost is a very fashionable shoe to consider when you’re looking to impress friends. Be sure to shop for Yeezy 350 Boost here.

If you want your sneakers to look effortless and fashionable, first choose low-top sneakers in suede or leather (or both).

Low tops will keep your feet comfy all day long without making your legs look shorter. They also give off an effortlessly cool vibe that’s perfect for casual days out running errands or attending weekend parties with friends.

Next, if you prefer high-top sneaker fashion, make sure they’re not too bulky. They should complement the height of your legs rather than overshadow them in any way—so skip those thickly padded ’90s styles!

A Sweater Dress and Sneakers Are a Fashionable Option

A sweater dress is a versatile piece of clothing that can be dressed up or down. This style has been spotted on the runway and in celebrity street style looks, so it’s definitely something you want to try. If you’re wearing a sweater dress, it’s important to pair it with sneakers for a chic look.

Sneakers are effortless shoes that can go with most outfits, including dresses because they give off an athletic vibe. A great pair of sneakers go well with any look if they’re in good condition and match the rest of your outfit.

A Tiny Floral Dress Is a Fun Juxtaposition With a Tough Pair of Sneakers

You’ve probably noticed that sneakers are a great way to dress up a floral dress. They’re also a fun juxtaposition of femininity and toughness. In fact, they can be styled in so many ways!

A tiny floral dress is perfect for warm weather, but it’s what you wear underneath it that makes the difference between cute and boring. Pairing your short skirt with some sporty kicks adds an unexpected twist to your look.

If you want more coverage under your outfit, consider wearing leggings or tights underneath your short skirt and pairing them with some sneakers instead of heels or flats. You’ll still have that feminine feel while showing off some personality in your footwear choices!

If you’re feeling confident enough to show off what’s underneath those layers of fabric (and if it’s not too cold outside), try going bra less under that shirt dress and rocking some high-cut leggings instead!

A Legging and T-shirt Combo Will Look Great With Your Sneakers

A legging and t-shirt combo is absolutely classic. Not only do you get to wear your sneakers with a cool outfit, but there are so many different ways to dress it up that you’re bound to find something that works for you. Here are some ideas:

Wear a plain white t-shirt and black leggings with your sneakers and feel confident about the look. The contrast of colors on your legs will draw attention away from any problem areas in your body shape, giving you a sleek silhouette. If this is too much for you, try pairing an off-white or light gray t-shirt with black leggings instead.

If the weather permits, throw on some ankle boots and pair them with jeans—jeans are comfortable enough for all-day wear without being too tight around the ankles like skinny jeans might be at times!

You can also add a blazer over-top in order to dress things up even more (and let’s face it: if there were no rules against wearing sneakers outside then we would probably never take them off).

Polished Blazers and a Pair of Canvas Sneakers

A pair of canvas sneakers is a versatile and comfortable shoe that can be worn in any situation. They’re great for casual days at home, running errands, or even classes if you have to walk around your campus.

Because these shoes are easy to style and comfortable to wear, it’s easy to get creative with how you put together outfits that include them. Here are some ideas for what to wear with canvas sneakers:

Sneakers With Distressed Jeans

Sneakers and jeans are an excellent, versatile combination for both men and women. Whether you’re wearing your sneakers with distressed jeans, or with a more sophisticated pair of black denim, the look will always be relaxed and comfortable.

But if you want to dress up your sneaker-and-jeans combo, it’s easy to do so by adding a button-up shirt or blouse (depending on how much coverage you want) or a sweater over top.

Finish the Look off With a Chic Bag and Belt

You can also wear a belt to add an accent color to your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing neutral colors and are looking for something that will stand out, try adding a bright red or blue belt.

It’s subtle enough that it won’t steal the show from whatever else is going on with your style but adds just enough interest to make things interesting.

If you want to dress up an athletic look, try pairing sneakers with rolled jeans or leggings and a simple top—the sneakers will help keep things casual while still allowing for some added elegance (and comfort). An oversize bag can finish off this look without being too bulky so you’ll still be able to run around all day!

Choose a Sneakers Style for Any Occasion

You can wear sneakers with anything, and they’re a great option for casual days or dressy days. They are comfortable and easy to wear, which makes them great for wearing at work or play.

Also remember that every outfit needs some kind of balance, whether it be between black and white or high heels and flats. The most important thing is that no matter what look you go for (dressy or casual), always keep your personal style in mind so that none of these ideas look out of place on your body type or personality!

For more on choosing your sneakers style be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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