Want to Pick a Reliable Water Pump For Caravan?

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Water pumps provide a valuable resource for the modern caravan. They supply clean and safe water stored in your caravan’s bladder. It is essential when you’re far from civilization, so you can’t quickly go and refill your bottles with tap water or drink straight from a stream. But unfortunately, not all caravans come with a working and reliable water pump — some old models don’t even have one in the first place. Fortunately for those unfortunate people who are now stuck without fresh water, there are some guidelines on choosing a caravan water pump that will work well in your caravan.

Flow rate:

The primary purpose of your caravan water pump is to provide you with fresh and clean water that’s free from all kinds of contaminants. Therefore, the most important thing is to consider how much water the pump can supply at once. The ideal choice allows you to fill your water containers in a few minutes — especially if you’re moving and need to get everything ready as quickly as possible.

The correct output hose:

Many pumps aren’t going to come with hoses included, so you’ll probably need to invest in one separately. However, this doesn’t mean they can work equally well when they’ve got different types of tubes attached — some are specially designed for different purposes and working conditions. If you’re unsure about what kind of hose you need, it’s always a good idea to contact the salesperson at your local caravan store and ask for some help with this.

Size of the inlet:

The inlet should also be considered, as this is the part of your water pump that will supply the water to your caravan’s bladder. Depending on how big the opening is on your existing water pump, you might need to invest in a new one with a larger diameter. And, of course, if you’ve never changed it before or don’t even have one yet, you’ll have to get a new unit altogether if you don’t want to face issues that might arise from not having enough space for all types of hoses to fit in.

Maximum head and pressure:

When choosing a new pump, you should consider how much pressure the unit can output. As we’ve already mentioned, there are different types of water pumps with varying flow rates and inlets, so it’s a good idea to choose one that’s ideally suited for your caravan — this way, you can be sure that the water will be flowing out of both the inlet and out of the hose itself.

Water temperature:

Most caravans don’t have any extra cooling systems installed, meaning that when you stop for a break or come inside your tent at night, it might not be too relaxed or comfortable to drink from your water containers for a long time. Therefore, a water pump that lets you store cold water is essential if you want maximum comfort. And although this might seem like a minor aspect, it’s something that you should consider nevertheless.

Storage capacity and ease of use:

If you plan on doing some serious traveling and taking lots of long breaks during the day, then keeping extra water on hand is a good idea — especially if there aren’t many places around where you can refill your containers with fresh water from the faucet. Therefore, choosing a water pump with enough storage capacity is a good idea to have some extra water on hand. You can also choose one that’s easy to use and has an ergonomic design so that you will have it readily available when you need it.

Quality of the pump:

Of course, as with any other product, the best water pump for your caravan uses quality materials and construction techniques. And although there are many options available on the market, it would be wise to stick with a reliable brand. It’s also a good idea to check how such products have been tested before they hit the market to be confident that they’ve gone through various rigorous quality control processes.

End Lines:

Once you have all the necessary details about your caravan and all the different working conditions you’re going to face, it’s time to choose a pump that will allow you access to clean and fresh water whenever you need it. The user-friendly design of this product should provide you with maximum comfort — so no matter what type of trip you’re planning on taking, consider buying a reliable and high-quality water pump that will allow you to take care of all your different needs while traveling.

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