What Does TW Mean in Jewelry?

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4 out of every 10 proposees admit the size of their engagement ring affects their likelihood of saying yes. They would also ask their partner to purchase a larger stone if they didn’t like it.

It’s not the most important factor, though. 20% cared more about shape when they got an engagement ring, and 32% said style was most important when they went shopping for one.

When you do go to a jeweler to find the right ring for your sweetheart, you may leave a bit confused. You may wonder, “what are all these measurements they’re talking about, and what does TW mean in jewelry?”

Read our jewelry guide to learn about all the abbreviations that help lead you to the perfect piece.

What Does TW Mean in Jewelry?

TW or total weight is the total weight of various gems in a piece of jewelry. This includes the largest one in the middle and the others around it.

It’s an important measure when you want to purchase jewelry that has more than one stone. In some cases, it may even include other precious stones such as rubies or sapphires.

Other Diamond Measurements

Diamond size is different from weight. It’s measured in points and can be affected by cut, distribution, and other factors.

CT or carat weight is the weight of a single diamond. A carat weighs approximately 200 milligrams.

The “ideal diamond” is 1-2 carats. That costs $1000-$5,000, which is around the average of $5,600.

If you find a ring marked 2 carats TW, that doesn’t always mean it has a single 2-carat stone. What it means is that all of its stones total 2 carats in weight. A ring labeled 2 carats CW does have a 2-carat diamond.

CTTW or carat and the total weight is the weight of all real diamonds in a piece of jewelry.

The stone in the center is the one that affects value the most. The larger its CW, the more expensive it’ll be.

Two stones that are the same weight don’t always have the same price, and bigger doesn’t always mean better. You also have to look at the rest of the 4 C’s of diamond quality. They include cut, color, and clarity. They work with size to determine the most important factor in finding the right diamond: style.

Once you understand all of these measurements and factors, you need to find the right jeweler to buy from. Follow this link if you’re trying to decide where to buy jewelry.

More Jewelry Tips 

Size may be the first thing you think about when you get a piece of jewelry. It’s determined by several potentially confusing abbreviations.

What does TW mean in jewelry? It’s a measure of the weight of the main diamond in the middle and the ones around it. Other important measurements include CW or carat weight and CTTW or carat and total weight.

Remember to also think about the 4 C’s: cut, color, and clarity. Find a jeweler who’s willing to explain them all to you.

Read the rest of our content for more jewelry tips and trends.

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